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Video Services

Do you need a video edited to send out to coaches and scouts?

Do you want to enhance your learning using video tools?

Would you like a goaltender assessment?

Clear Sight Development can help.


Goaltending is an extremely visual and cerebral position.  Goaltenders can best learn how to play the position by seeing what they are doing using video and then adding action to the visualization.



We pride ourselves in our professional playing experience which extends over a combined 30 years.  When we speak to the specific game reads being made, we speak from experience. Its our goal to use that experience in combination with game video to get the optimal learning environment.


We use the latest technology including Adobe Premier, and Final Cut Pro to give the student a professional and engaging video to either use for recruitment or enjoy the learning process.

Video Services

  • Video Editing and Highlight Videos

  • Video Review and Professional Assessment

  • Private Remote Consulting and Coaching

  • Remote Team Video and Consulting and Coaching

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